Korolla is a boutique production company specialising in safety Films, Medical Animations, Product Animations, and White Board Animation. Our projects come in all sizes. We have developed Production teams that can create wonderful 2D white board style animations and 3D animations. We also have domain expertise in Products, Safety, Medical and in white board style. 

Our projects come in all sizes. Whether it’s petal-size with tight budgets and tight deadlines or an epic production with many colours, everything we do is naturally crafted with flashes of creative energy and imagination. Smell some of our freshest works on the right. see our 
portfolio for the full Basket .


Our teams with domain knowledge in product and medical animation, safety films, 2d whiteboard animations are based in India and serve the Indian market, however we execute a lot of outsourced 2D and 3D animation work from Europe. If you already have a concept and want to execute the production with us, please feel free to ask for a no obligation quote.
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Aimation Studio

This advertisement for Animation Studio explains why builders need walkthrough animation to explain project to their clients. a small story does the work where a mountain of explaination would not work.


IFB Air Conditioner

IFB is Home appliance company. we developed this animation to display the unique features of its newly launched Air Conditioner ..


Sinus Lifting

Sinus Lifting was developed for a European company to show our capabilities to develop medical animations for their products. We received reference films and concept from the client. .


Malts and Wines

Malts and wines is a local joint serving some of the best malts and wines available. we developed this ad for their Thursday event with DJ Anika..